Life tables(Actuarial) analysis (Cutler-Ederer method)

The length of time intervals used in the analysis is somewhat arbitrary but should be selected so that the number of censored observations in any interval is small.

Kaplan-Meier (product limit) Survival Analysis with Greenwood 95%CI

It is similar to actuarial analysis except that time since entry in the study is not divided into intervals. So, it is especially appropriate in studies involving a small number of patients (<30).

Hazard function and Estimate of mean survival

when all the subjects have died or by using the hazard function

Median length of Survival time

one-half the subjects have died (50% survival rate)

Comparison methods

Logrank Test (Mantel, Cox-Mantel or simply the logrank statistic)--Peto

Mantel-Haenszel Test

Gehan (Generalized Wilcoxon) Test

Cox Regression Analysis

In construction

Analysis of time to recurrence -- end-point

Disease-free Survival -- recurrence plus deaths without recurrence