Drain tube care 引流管護理

 “No drain at all is better than the ignorant employment of it”

“When in doubt, drain”


Capillary vs. Tube        /        治療性或預防性

                   Open                                                   Close

        Active           Passive                   Active                       Passive

        Sump               Penrose                        Hemovac                    Foley

                                Silastic tube                 Chest tube T-tube

                                NG tube                      J-P drain                     PCN


        雙向管道               盡量避開手術傷口              穩固的固定               遠離吻合處

        避開無法忍受結蒂組織地區造成Pressure necrosis :韌帶或血管

        Closed drain for prosthesis



        Therapeutic – until subside or Output between 20~50ml/day


        Soft and smooth pathway                         Separate incision

        Firm enough                                                    Radio opaque

        Wide open wound                                        Straight in pathway

        Dependent position in passive drainage


1.          NG tube

  1.  引流胃液及空氣,放置時一定要確定暢通。

  2. 併發症:潰瘍、逆流性食道炎、耳下腺炎、咳嗽反應、脫水、中耳炎。

2.          Chest tube

  1.  引流積血、水、空氣或開放性胸部傷口,單側全肺切除後不可用,不可與大氣相通。

  2.  設計考量:

                             i.                Underwater seal 15cm below and 2cm underwater

                           ii.                Suction apparatus 15-20cm water in negative pressure

3.          Percutaneous drainage (Penrose)

  1.  Abscess (gram stain)

  2.  Well defined/ nonlobulated abscess

  3.  Safe route ;  PT/APTT ;  Antibiotics